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 What makes this internship programme unique?

Complete  European internship programme with guidance;

Learning languages ​​required: English will be the vehicle language but Italian and Dutch are recommended to learn during the internship;

Focus on internationalization, acquiring European skills;

Good network when students exit the internship and enter the labour market;

Active in several areas in addition to internship assignment (part of the larger whole, the students work with other student teams);

Workshops will be given during the internship period;

Guidance diverse, team Dutch / Italian / Irish;

Unique internship assignments in a unique location and unique situation;

Innovation and sustainability are stimulated during the internship period;

SROI: Social Return on Investment. Students are asked to do something in return after their internship for the foundation and new students;

Students are monitored after the internship period with a so called track and trace system;

Impact Measurement: The Group for European Development would like to set up an impact measurement or base line study to see what impact the programme has on depopulated areas;

The Group for European Development is welcoming the local community to benefit from the programme.