We have the ambition to provide quality internships for 100 students a year in a depopulated region in Europe. The approach is developed in such a manner that after three years the programme should be able to run independently by the local community , municipal or educational institute. Group for European Development will move to a new depopulated region. 

The number of areas will also double every three years. Because the first host town will be operational, a new area will be started. Different variants will be possible depending on the purpose and nature of the depopulated area. 

In 2006, the internship agency (Ex-change) where one of the initiators was employed, (Jacomien Kooiker) won the first prize as the best internship company in the Netherlands. The award was presented by Mark Rutte, now prime minister of The Netherlands. There were also many students who have won awards ( best student of the year, Innovation award of the Technical University Eindhoven, etc.). Group for European Development aspires to become visible in the community. 

Group for European Development has the ambition to welcome students with disabilities. It should be considered whether it is feasible to place these students. The same applies to minorities, we seek equality for all participants and a nice mix of cultural backgrounds. During the programme there will be a proper alignment between participation of men and women.


Winning award for the best internship organization in The Netherlands in 2006, on the far right, prime minister Mark Rutte. Jacomien Kooiker, initiator of Group for European Development 3rd on the left.