The Group for European Development will initiate the recruitment of students in The Netherlands and the host country when possible. The supervision of the students will be done by the Group for European Development and their institutions. Students are in the picture by us for many months. The training on content will be done by teachers (remotely). We provide substantive guidance on the internship. Through skype, students could receive supervision from teachers, trainers, etc. A role for people in the community is also possible. Part of the assignment is that students should look for creative solutions and they are coached on self-reliance. We will ask teachers in the host country to assist, discuss and try to counteract with the teams occasionally, when necessary. Our supervisor will always be approachable for the students (at the internship site or with Skype). Fixed guidance hours will be set for each student team.

Students will usually be in the host country from twelve weeks up to a few months to do their internship. Preparation will take two to three months (from the time of recruitment). Upon completion, the student will have the opportunity to complete his internship in their own country / city. The internships should connect or overlap with other teams. The next student batch takes over the assignment. The completed assignment should include aspects of a new project so that a new team can continue working. The student teams often have good insight into the follow-up assignment with the local community and will advise The Group for European Development. Sometimes if there's no follow-up team ready, the assignment will be picked up later.